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Dr. Mark L. Zukowski

3612 W. Lake Avenue

Wilmette, IL. 60091

Tel: (847) 853-8869

Fax: (847) 853-8870



Revision policy:


I personally stand behind my work 100%.  For out of town patients (just like my local patients). There is never a cost for revisions at all, either anesthesia, facility or my fee because I stand behind my abilities 100%.  Air fair not included.



Known Procedures:


Procedures that I perform involve the one step biplaner feminizing endoscopic brow lift that advances your scalp forward, decreases forehead height, fills temporal hollowing, raises eyebrows, and shaves and sculpts bone while preserving forehead and scalp sensation. I perform also feminizing rhinoplasty/septoplasty, pure feminizing endoscopic brow lifts with bone shaving, tracheal shave, breast augmentation and mastectomy, full face and neck lifts, body sculpting with ultrasonic liposuction, chin and jaw bone sculpting, hair transplants, and cheek, chin, pectoral, buttock and calf implants to name but a few procedures. Additional procedures are list below.


Upper Lid Blepheroplasty

Lower Lid Blepheroplasty

Endoscopic Minimal Scar Brow Lift

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty (Nose reshaping)

Otoplasty (Ears pinned back)

Lip Augmentation

Cheek and Chin Augmentation


Fat Injection

Chemical Peel


Neck Liposuction

Laser Resurfacing for Acne/Sun Damage (CO2, Erbium, Combined)

Face Lift (traditional Skin/SMAS, Deep Plane, and Endoscopic Minimal Scar)

Neck Lift (traditional Skin/SMAS, Deep Plane, and Endoscopic Minimal Scar)

Botox and Myobloc Wrinkle Injections

Selective Endoscopic Wrinkle Surgery (SEWS)

Breast Augmentation (All makes and textures of sailine implants. Investigator for silicone implants)

Mastopexy (Breast lift)

Calf and Chest Implants

Thigh Lifts

Ultrasonic and Traditional Tumescent Liposuction/Liposculpture (All Body Areas)

Abdominoplasty (Open/Mini and Endoscopic Minimal Scar)




Mr. Zukowski has sent me a information packet and I will also be posting it in the near future.