Brand Name Manufacturers

Cyclogest by LD Collins in the U.K.
Gestone by ? in the U.K.?
Prometrium by Schering in Canada
Prometrium by Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Utrogestan by Besins-Iscovesco in France
Progesteronum by ? in Poland

Generic Manufacturers

Compound pharmacies advertising unbranded progesterone on the web include Bajamar Women's Healthcare Pharmacy and Women's International Pharmacy.


Suspension of progesterone in oil. This is the same molecule as produced endogenously in females, not a progestin.


Vaginal cream and suppositories.

Typical dosage

Pre-op 100-400mg/day capsules in conjunction with estrogens.
Post-op 50-400mg/day capsules in conjunction with estrogens.
Need more data about typical cream and suppository dosage and absorption.


Approved by U.S. FDA


Menopausal discomfort


Active or past blood clotting disorders. Liver dysfunction or disease.

Adverse reactions

Generally mild and transient.


Those allergic to peanuts, beware: Prometrium uses a peanut oil medium. Compounding pharmacies supplying non-branded progesterone may also use peanut oil; ask them if you need to know.

Some people call this drug progesterone USP/PharEu/BP (according to the local regulatory commission), to differentiate from progestins. In some countries the drug is simply referred to as progesterone.

The largest fraction progesterone taken orally is destroyed in the digestive tract, which, along with the very short half-life, accounts for the high dosage in comparison to synthetics, and may also account for some of the variability in efficacy.