Cyproterone Acetate

Brand Name Manufacturers

Androcur by Schering AG, Farma (Germany)
Cyproteron by NM Pharma (England)

Generic Manufacturers



Androgen receptor antagonist. Weak gonadal androgen production inhibitor.Weak progestin.


10mg, 50mg oral tablets

Typical dosage

Pre-op 10mg/wk-100mg/day (See comment below)
Post-op not recommended


Not approved by U.S. FDA


Acne and/or overactive oil glands.Androgen dependent loss of scalp hair. Hirsutism. Inoperable prostate tumors.


Lactation.Dubin-Johnson syndrome. Liver disease or tumor.Previous or existing blood clotting disorder.Rotor syndrome. Severe chronic-depression. Severe diabetes with vascular changes. Sickle-cell anaemia.Wasting diseases (with the exception of prostate tumor).

Adverse reactions


Headache.Lessened ability to concentrate.Mental depression.Tiredness.




Blood clotting disorders.Elevated prolactin level.Pituitary size increase.Carbohydrate metabolism changes.Liver dysfunction or tumors. Shortness of breath.


The extreme range of dosage comes from input that some people find10mg/wk sufficient to induce total impotence, and yet others take asmuch as 200mg/day with no obvious short-term adverse effects. Giventhis range, it would seem prudent to start on the low side and workyour way up only if necessary. More than 100mg/day is generallyconsidered excessive.

There are some reports of depression when the dosage is too highfor a given individual. There appears to be a causal relationship because the depression evidently disappeared as soon as the dosage wasreduced, according to those reports.